Aoe2 Middle East Tournament
First week of December 2023
We are happy to announce the first Age Of Empires 2 Middle East Esports Tournament. It will start on the first week of December 2023 and last for a month.
PRIZE Pool: € 2000
1st place
€ 800
2st place
€ 400
3st place
€ 200
4st place
€ 200
5st place
€ 100
6st place
€ 100
7st place
€ 100
8st place
€ 100
Please note that the rules and format might change before the start of the tournament. Please check updates.
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A total of 32 players will be invited
to participate in the tournament that will last for 4 weeks, the sessions will be played during 3 days of each week.
If players are late for at least 15 minutes, they are replaced with a stand-in.

Ro32 series are all bo3 single elimination.
Estimated starting dates are 7-14 of May.‍

Matches will start at 15.00 GMT.
Civs for ro32:
Hidden pick no repeat.

Map rules for ro32:
Series start on TGM_Arabia, then any home map from the map pool

Ro32 map pool:
TGM_Arabia, TGM_Arena, TGM_Atacama, TGM_Fish 'n' Fish, TGM_FrigidLake, TGM_Gold Rush, TGM_Graveyards, TGM_LandMadness, TGM_NorthemIsles,TGM_RingofReeds.
The format will be:
RO16, RO8, RO4: Bo5.

Finals: Bo7.
Higher seed hosts draft.
Map pack for the remaining rounds will stay TGM Map Pack.
All players start in Dark Age with 9 villagers
The Registration for the Middle East AoE2 Tournament is open. Register here.
Players and commentators that are planning to stream the cup on their channels are required to:
1. Add our banner
2. Create a twitch chat command!

admiralsthat will show " Host stream host home page"
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