Aoe2 Middle East Tournament
First week of December 2023
We are happy to announce the first Age Of Empires 2 Middle East Esports Tournament. It will start on the 7th of December 2023 at 14.00 GMT and last for a month.
PRIZE Pool: € 2000
1st place
€ 800
2nd place
€ 400
3rd place
€ 200
4th place
€ 200
5th place
€ 100
6th place
€ 100
7th place
€ 100
8th place
€ 100
Please note that the rules and format might change before the start of the tournament. Please check updates.
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A total of 32 players will be invited
to participate in the tournament that will last for 4 weeks, the sessions will be played during 3 days of each week.
If players are late for at least 15 minutes, they are replaced with a stand-in.

Ro32 series are all bo3 single elimination.
Starting date is 7th of December 2023.

Matches will start at 14.00 GMT.

Ro32 matches are BO3

Civs draft for Ro32:
Map draft for ro32:

Ro16, Quarterfinals and Semifinals are BO5
Map draft forBo5:
Civs draft for Bo5:

The Finals are Bo7
Map draft for the Finals:

Civs draft for the Finals:

Higher seed hosts the draft

Bracket: htts://
If players are unable to play during the scheduled stream days, they can play off stream by following RO16 Elaborated Handbook.
The Registration for the Middle East AoE2 Tournament is open. Register here.
Players and commentators that are planning to stream the tournament on their channels are required to:
1. Add our banner
2. Create a twitch chat command!

that will show " Host stream host
home page"
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